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Are you in the market for a new home that is outside the limit of a conventional loan? A jumbo loan could provide the mortgage option you need to make that home a reality. Quaint Oak Mortgage works with buyers purchasing high-end real estate to secure the funding for their dream properties.

Jumbo Mortgages and Luxury Homes

Jumbo loans, also known as jumbo mortgages, are a financing option for buyers seeking to purchase luxury homes. Jumbo mortgages offer financing solutions for borrowers looking to borrow more than a conforming loan amount.

A jumbo mortgage allows borrowers to take out funds that exceed the conforming loan limit set by the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA). These funds can be used for primary residences, secondary residences, or vacation homes.

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Jumbo Rates and Portfolio Loans

Quaint Oak Mortgage offers both fixed-rate and adjustable-rate mortgages (ARM) for jumbo loan borrowers. Jumbo rates are calculated based on a variety of credentials including occupancy type and loan-to-value (LTV) ratio.

In addition to standard jumbo loans, Quaint Oak Mortgage offers a portfolio loan option that allows a homebuyer to purchase a home above standard conforming limits with an adjustable-rate mortgage. If you are someone who may benefit from a portfolio loan, speak with a member of our mortgage team to find your best solution.

How Can I Qualify for a Jumbo Loan?

Our team of mortgage bankers are experts in helping you find the lending option that works for you. Together, we can discuss jumbo loan requirements and standards. Contact us for more information.

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