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Applying For a Mortgage with QO Direct

Applying for a mortgage has never been easier with the QO Direct app! Whether you want to purchase or refinance, Quaint Oak Mortgage is here for you to make the process faster and easier. With QO Direct by Quaint Oak Mortgage, you can apply for a mortgage on your phone, tablet, or desktop.

To get started, click the links below and download the app. After entering your contact information, you will be connected with a Mortgage Banker to begin the process. If you have questions about how the app works, or would like to learn more about submitting a mortgage application, please reach out to us!

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Easy, Convenient,
and Secure Mortgage Applications

QO Direct is an efficient way to process mortgage applications with Quaint Oak Mortgage. Designed with you in mind, QO Direct is easy, convenient, and secure. Upload your documents from your mobile device or tablet, message your lender, get answers to your questions, know the status of your application, see what comes next, and view deadlines or timelines all from inside the app.

App Features

With QO Direct by Quaint Oak Mortgage, you can:

  • Receive updates in real time
  • Easily view app progress
  • Communicate directly with your lender
  • Know the status of your application
  • Scan and upload your documents
  • Create digital signatures
Young couple checking QO Direct app to get status of their mortgage application


A simplified purchase or refinance. Download the app and immediately begin the process with your assigned Mortgage Banker. QO Direct will automatically populate the questions that relate to your circumstances, nothing extra. You can also easily save your progress and continue later. If you have any questions on applying for a mortgage as you go through the application, a built-in chat feature provides quick access to your mortgage banker who can help. The eSign feature will allow you to sign up to 70% of documents prior to closing, leading to a shorter closing time.


Welcome to a straightforward mortgage partnership. Through the QO Direct app, you have the ability to track clients’ mortgage application progress and assist where needed. You will also be cobranded throughout the app and receive notifications when borrowers complete steps.

Tired of waiting for prequalification letters to be adjusted? With this app, we set the maximum prequalification amount, and you can edit prequalification letters by lowering the limits whenever you need!

Download the QO Direct App & Apply for a Mortgage Today

Now is the time to apply! Get the QO Direct App by Quaint Oak Mortgage and experience the ease of applying for a mortgage in real time. We make it simple for borrowers and realtors to move through the loan process and are here every step of the way. Download the app and apply now!