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2-1 Buydown Program

Quaint Oak Mortgage works with our customers to facilitate home loans by providing a variety of products to fit your individual circumstances. For borrowers looking for a flexible lending option, a 2-1 buydown may be the solution for securing your home. Learn more about this program and what it means for those purchasing new property.

What is a 2-1 Temporary Buydown?

A 2-1 temporary buydown allows the borrower to reduce their monthly payments for the first two years of their loan. When utilizing a 2-1 temporary buydown, the mortgage product and note rate, the interest rate used to calculate a monthly payment, remain unchanged. This means if you are utilizing a 30-year fixed rate mortgage your note rate is fixed for the entirety of the 30-year period. 

In order to have a reduced payment for the first two years, the seller will contribute towards a “buydown subsidy” at closing as part of their seller credit towards closing costs. This subsidy amount will be held in an escrow account and each month for the first 24 months when the borrower makes the reduced payment, the company servicing the loan and collecting the payments will use funds from the 2-1 temporary buydown to cover the difference.

Explore How a 2-1 Buydown Works

Interested in exploring more about how a 2-1 buydown works? The example below depicts a home purchase price of $450,000 with a 20% down payment and a loan amount of $360,000, assuming a qualifying mortgage note rate of 6.75%. 

YearEffective RateBorrower’s Portion of Principal and InterestMonthly Buydown ContributionAnnual Buydown Contribution

How a 2-1 Buydown Loan Can Work For You

With just a small investment from the seller, a borrower can save monthly on the cost of their home and potentially use those funds elsewhere. As an example, a homeowner with a 2-1 buydown loan could have access to more cash for furniture and furnishings, appliance upgrades, paint, and other home items to invest further into the home of their dreams. By lowering a new homeowner’s out of pocket expense over the course of the first two years, a new homeowner utilizing a 2-1 buydown loan can access the financial lending option that fits their goals.  

2-1 Buydown Solutions with Quaint Oak Mortgage

At Quaint Oak Mortgage, we strive to deliver you mortgage solutions that match your homebuying objectives. As a team, our goal is to provide personalized service and help you reach your dream of homeownership. Reach out for more information regarding 2-1 buydowns from a trusted Quaint Oak mortgage banker.