Quaint Oak Mortgage's Eliana Lucumi

Eliana Lucumi

Born and raised in Cali, Colombia, I completed my Bachelor's Degree at Sacred Heart University of Santurce, Puerto Rico where I majored in Psychology and minored in Chemistry. While living in San Juan, I helped my community by volunteering at women's shelters, counseling and providing support for the survivors of abuse. It is this spirit of service for people and community which inspires me in my work to help people become homeowners. A licensed tax preparer and Mortgage Banker, I use my extensive knowledge and experience in the mortgage industry to help my clients match their needs to solutions. I regularly give seminars to first time homebuyers, helping them understand each step in obtaining the keys to the homes of their dreams. I bring passion to my customer service and make myself available any time; responding evenings and weekends to my clients' needs as they arise. I can do this in English and Spanish as I speak both fluently.

An enthusiastic tennis player, I bring my passion to the gym and to the team I am a fan of. I enjoy hiking and the outdoors as well as watching soccer, football and tennis. I am multicultural, bi-lingual and the kind of professional you want on your team.